Pythagoras focuses on delivering its users the best CAD & GIS experience possible.In order to accomplish this, we listen to what clients, partners, schools and employees think CAD & GIS software should be able to do.

     Supporting a variety of import formats, which form the start of any project. Providing incredibly powerful drawing and calculation tools, allowing handling of all data types and transforming them into a complete project plan. A lot of standard export formats ensure the compatibility with all other types of soft- and hardware.

     Providing solutions for various industries in an all-in-one package makes Pythagoras truly “360° Compatible”.


    Surveying has evolved from the classical total station job to a survey where different new instruments find their place.


   Pythagoras is able to import processed orthophotos and classified lidar data. Easy visualization and cleaning tools allow to analyse images in 2D and the colored point cloud in 3D.


          Pythagoras helps to quickly and accurately handle all these data sets and converts them into 3D models, excavation reports, contour lines, profiles and cross sections.


      Calculating volumes, contour lines, cross sections, profiles, terrain models and exporting machine control data sets provide in day-to-day and high-quality reporting.


     Pythagoras Software gives users the opportunity to import and analyse data and offers easy design tools to increase revenue.